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PWM interrupt issue

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Hi all,

          I'm using PWM to generate 1 sec delay.In the configure of PWM i made interrupt on terminal count.I know that API will give interrupt on period match.But for some condition i want to go for software polling.For this reason i want to know the status flag register,so that i disable the hardware interrupt and go for software poling using status register flag .Can you give me details on which flag correspond to PWM interrupt.And at the same time give me link which provide the details on PSoc3.

With regards



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Hi Santosh,

The Status register bits corresponding to the PWM, can be monitored using the API ,  PWM_ReadStatusRegister(void).

The terminal count bit in the status register is set when PWM modile reaches the terminal count. Please not that these bits are sticky- meaning these bits are cleared upon reading.


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