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PsocProgrammer.exe refuses to work | Cypress Semiconductor

PsocProgrammer.exe refuses to work

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I have a setup that has been working quite well for quite a long time uptil now.

Suddenly, my psocprogrammer software has stopped working.  All it does is come up this screen stating that "psocprogrammer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."

I thought it could be related to .net framework or maybe a corrupted installation of cypress tools.  So, I uninstalled all cypress tools and re-installed them.  I still get the same error.

I also tried "Repair"ing the .net frameworks on my machine.  Still no luck

I have simultaneously opened a case with Cypress so that I could get a speedy response.  I'm stuck with this problem.

Has anyone seen such behaviour before and possibly guide me where to look?



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Please let us know the .net framework you are using. Is it the same mandated by the CyInstaller.



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I have been using the PSOC software since years.  I have the mandated .net frameworks installed.  After a hint from cypress support (mycase), I uninstalled all .net versions on my machine and re-installed .net3.5.  That solved the problem.

I appreciate  your help.

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