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PSoC1 Application Note Finder

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PSoC1 Application Note Finder

The Cypress website has over 50 application notes (AN) on PSoC1 covering a wide range of topics. We have taken several steps to enable you to quickly and easily find a relevant AN. For example – all AN titles contain the addressed PSoC family (PSoC1, PSoC3 or PSoC5); thus helping you to quickly narrow down your search based on the target device. Another useful feature is a unique landing page for every AN, which provides a one-stop location to find related content such as videos, code examples/firmware, device compatibility matrix and related resources.

As a next step in this direction, Cypress is launching a PSoC1 Application Note Finder tool, which will help you to identify a relevant AN based on domain tags, document complexity, supported devices, availability of example project, supported software version and hardware kit.

You can easily access the tool from and is also conveniently located on the application note listings page ( 

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