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PSOC 3 PWM question

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Hi guys,

I have a psoc 3 and microcontroller compatible H bridge and I was interested in driving the motor in the usual manner of forward and reverse direction. Id like to get into using PWM and was wondering if you guys know of any sample projects that allow me to vary PWM Period via the PC maybe using UART etc or maybe use the built in potentiometer on the posc dev board?

Thank you guys

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Welcome in the forum, Cathal!

When starting Creator 3.3 you will find an item on the start page "Find Example Project". From here you may select PSoC3 and PWM, ADC example and some more. Combine those solutions to get what you want using cut&paste.



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Here is a program you can work on it has the PWM for directions speed controls  and UART. It uses an Arduino shield for the motor drive circuit. Check these out at Amazon under motor drive modules. Changes to the code will be necessary as this program was original made for the PSoC 4200.


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