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PSoC 3-5 Component Design Contest | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 3-5 Component Design Contest

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 Hi people,

Cypress(PSoC 3/5) is Planning to start a Component Design Contest.

The purpose of this Design Contest is to make the Community users get more acquainted with designing components in PSoC 3/5. Once we start designing components, we will be able to understand the architecture of the PSoC UDBs better and realise how flexible PSoC 3/5 really are!!!

Contest Rules : A Complete specification for the component will be given every friday.

You get 1 week to design it, your deadline for submission will be the next friday.  Timeline of submission plays a major role in deciding who the winner is !. The quality of the design matters ofcourse.

The winner will be decided by a bunch of engineers at cypress and he shall be awarded with 200CDC points.

Every Individual on planet Earth shall participate.

The First specification will be posted this friday (7th of december). We will initially start with simple designs and move complex over the weeks.

Get ready for a healthy challenge. Though there is only one winner, every one gets benefited by the learnings from it.

On the course of the design, you shall post all queries and it shall all be clarified.


Ramnath R K


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Guys, have a look here for some surprise.


Happy Contest


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