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Package cross-reference would be an enormous help. | Cypress Semiconductor

Package cross-reference would be an enormous help.

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Kiku and Graa et al.

Back 5 years ago the packaging problem was simple, because your devices only came in a couple of packages. But now... Holy crow.

The problem is that now we need to wade through umpteen data sheets trying to match a package to an app.  Not fun.

I know that QFN is your basic package, but it would be a huge help to have a document -- a table perhaps -- that shows which offerings come in which packages.  This needs to cover PSOC1, 3, and 5.  My ideal doc would be a table showing device sorted by pin count by package type.  So I could quickly see which PSOC 3 devices come in a 48 pin SSOP and which PSOC 5 devices come in 48 pin QFNs, etc.

Please put this on the doc list.


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You can find the details in the Ordering information section of the PSoC3 Datasheet.



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Sorry for not being clear...  I'm familiar with the data sheets. 

The problem is that the existing data sheets don't do an adequate job of showing package by product information.

You directed me to the PSOC3 family datasheet.  There is not one data sheet for PSOC3; there are four. And that;s at the heart of the problem I'm talking about. And there are more datasheets for PSOC1 and PSOC5.  Furthermore, the order information section is not sorted by package.  When doing a practical design problem the search for the right part/package combination is a PAIN!

What I want is a table with package type in the columns, parent part number in the rows, and the device part number in the cells.


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Have you tried the PSoC electronic product selector guide? (


You can select package type there, and it will filter down to a list of all part numbers in that package.



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