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I2C Slave pin assigment

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I have CY8CKIT-003. I2C Slave Spec says, there is any pin available for this function.

I'm trying with pins P4[4]-SDA and P4[6} _SCL pins (according to example project).

Psoc Creator however doesn't allow such assignment saying:

"Error: apr.M0010: IO "SCL_S(0)" cannot be placed into "P4[6]" because the pin does not support the features required by the IO. (App=cydsfit)"

As far as I figured out only hardware dedicated pins work (P12-0 and P12-1)

And it's regardles of configuration (UDB nor Fixed FUnction)

Does anyone know why?

Template projects reccomends open drain low (can I use resitive pullup?)


robert seczkowski 

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I seem to be able to connect bidirectional pins P4[4] and P4[6] to SDA and SCL respectively without any errors in beta 4.1. What version are you using?


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Hi Robert,

Use the latest version of Creator that is available on Cypress Website.


Yes you can use resistive pull-up mode for I2C. However the functionality depends upon the bus capactiance and its resistance. 


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