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how to start

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i am new to here... how to start &compiling etc....


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First,get yourself some hardware from here


For Software,lookup the page of the kit you purchased,and follow training and documentation given there.

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  • You can as well visit this page, There is a complete "Getting Started with PSoC3". It is a step by step procedure that will take you through a complete walk through of where to start, what to do, where to buy kits, how to code and rest of it.
  • We also request you to give us feedback on how good is this walk through and what you need from Cypress in order to get started with PSoC3.
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Often you have local resources available as well,.

DIstributors like Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, etc. often have local FAE's

who will give you hands on training in how to use the tools and development systems.

Give your local guys a call, they'll help you out...

Tom Moxon


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to start with the psoc first go through with the information bboklet with the psoc kit and then go through with the hardware and then target psoc creator software

enjoy psoc

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This thread seems a bit old, but recently there has been an update to a different forum with this subgect. Have a look here : 



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