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how to get 5 v output in PSOC | Cypress Semiconductor

how to get 5 v output in PSOC

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 Hi i have used function generator and got the vtg by A/D convertor(-2.5v to +2.5v).


Can anyone suggest how can i get the vtg( 0 to 5 v).???

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Can you show us how you generate that -2.5~2.5 O/P from PSoC? If you get the voltage from PSoC after a capacitor, the voltage at the other end of the capacitor would be 0~5V.

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Hi saurabhme,


What I understand from your statement is that you used an external function generator to generate a signal of amplitude -2.5V to +2.5 V. Is that correct?


It is possible to generate signal of amplitude 0-5V range using PSoC. But what kind of waveform is required? Is it sine, square or triangular?

An application note Easy Waveform generation with the WaveDAC8 Component will be of help.

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