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hello everybody

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Hi, anyone help me! I need only print "hour:minute:second "char type code   (  on LCD5110 from  DS1302 )

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Here is a program that reads the time out on a terminal window and you can move the time display around the terminal window with a Joystick. There is also a 5110 display component in the Support forums Software tab under PSOC Community Components. You will need to write your own clock setting routine or the DS1307 will only read back 00:00:00.

i need hex to decimal void ... code, But on Psoc Creater3.0 Psoc 4200 

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I strongly recommend to update Creator and your components to the latest version, Creator 3.0 is a bit old.

Hex to ASCII is best done with sprintf() in <stdio.h> which must be #included.

For usage of sprintf() see here.



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