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filter design

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 have a good day.

anyone knows how can i design a wirelles aplication in psoc3.


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My lecturer told me PsOC3 have not available the wireless options yet at difference the PsOC1.

It looks likes the part is not completely developed, in fact you can't find InsAMps in PsOC3 too.

I will ask him again and I will told you.

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PSoC3 can be interfaced with any wireless modules easily. PSoC3/5 has SPI,I2C, UART and other digital interface. Using these digital interfaces it is possible to provide wireless capability to PSoC.

For example PSoC3 can be interfaced with CYRF device CYFI using SPI. Or PSoC can be interfaced with other RF/Bluetooth chips using SPI or UART etc.

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