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FFT | Cypress Semiconductor


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Can i get any Application Note to implement Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) in PSoC.....

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 Yes this is very interesting for me. Please example component.


Very thanks all programers Kamil

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I know for sure that there WAS an appnote / project example for PSoC1 making an FFT on-the-fly. In former times there was a spread-sheet availlable containing an overview of all projects and links to the associated files where I found it and had a look at it.


somebody still having that overwiew or even the PSoC1 project???


Todays I would think about using the DFB-module to have the FFT calculated with the built-in data--processor. A challenge- the programming is more than only a bit unusual, even when you are used to program microcode. There might be the chance of getting help for that case from Cypress, but I do not know who is the microcode-guru, but there is a filter-guru who may know the other one...



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This thread might be of assiatance -


Regards, Dana.

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Please can anyone help me in explaning the basics on FFT?

about how to choose the sampling rate, sampling period, the no of pints, FFT length??

I am doing an project on converting a real time signal to frequency domain and i need help in it, im using CY3121 customer development kit ...

Sorry that I posted here, because i/m new here and I didnt have any option which says "post a new thread' or anything like that.


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