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debugging breakpoints not available | Cypress Semiconductor

debugging breakpoints not available

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Whenever I try to set a breakpoint the system answer with following message: 

dbg.M0019: The following breakpoint cannot be set: 'C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC 3 FirstTouch Starter Kit\1.0\Firmware\ProximitySense\ProximitySense.cydsn\main.c:110'. Encountered error (File C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC 3 FirstTouch Starter Kit\1.0\Firmware\ProximitySense\ProximitySense.cydsn\main.c is not cached in Address->Line map)

Debugging in disassembly window however  is working.

It seems, that code is compiled as a release version although I'm trying to set it to debug.

(trying because reopening build settings keep it always in release mode)

Robert Seczkowksi

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 Make sure that folder that containcs this creator project is not set to read-only attribute.

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 Sometimes breakpoints (or watches) could not be set due the optimization level of the compiler.  Try setting the optimization to 2 or lower.

And sometimes selecting "clear all breakpoints" will help too.




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Guys, you make me really smile!

U2 answereres to a two year old post and rolf waits with his comment another half a year!

Wouldn't it be better to have a look at the dates before taking the opportunity to post ?

Bob (very broad smile)


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Sure, you're right Bob! 


Funny how we overlooked the dates. Must be that designer's tunnel vision to solve a problem! 


The good thing is we brought you a very broad smile!



Rolf (having a broad smile too !!)

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