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Customizing Port Pin connections to a Character LCD in PSoC 3 and 5 | Cypress Semiconductor

Customizing Port Pin connections to a Character LCD in PSoC 3 and 5

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 Hi all,

I see many queries where you may want to connect different pins from different I/O ports in PSoC 3/5 with a Character LCD (HD44780A). So, I have attached a similar sample project with detailed explanation (separate projects for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5).

Hope this helps!

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 Here is the attachment.

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 Wow... That is a great one... But I think you are trying to upload the attachments from Chrome. It doesn't seem to work in the recent times. Can you try uploading the project from IE?

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Ok. Thanks for the information. I have attached the project here.

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Thank you PSoC Lover for this post. I am trying to get it working for a PSoC 5 design. Bu i am unable to do so. I had a doubt regarding two parts of the explanation in the word file.

1. Is P5[3] used for any purpose? It is shown as blank (the functionality) in the pins table 2 in page 4. Should any hardware connection be made to this pin? Can it be any other pin (in my case i am simply using P15[4] as it is a free pin in my design

2. In the last modification suggested for customizing pins,


#define LCD_1_LCDPort__0__MASK 0x01u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__0__PC CYREG_PRT4_PC7
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__0__PORT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__0__SHIFT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__1__MASK 0x02u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__1__PC CYREG_PRT4_PC6
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__1__PORT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__1__SHIFT 1
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__2__MASK 0x04u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__2__PC CYREG_PRT4_PC5
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__2__PORT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__2__SHIFT 2
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__3__MASK 0x08u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__3__PC CYREG_PRT4_PC4
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__3__PORT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__3__SHIFT 3
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__4__MASK 0x10u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__4__PC CYREG_PRT5_PC3
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__4__PORT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__4__SHIFT 4
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__5__MASK 0x20u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__5__PC CYREG_PRT5_PC2
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__5__PORT 0
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__5__SHIFT 5
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__6__MASK 0x40u
#define LCD_1_LCDPort__6__PC CYREG_PRT5_PC1

shouldnt PC CYREG_PRT5_PC0 be mentioned as it is ENABLE pin?

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