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Custom PSoC Board and MiniProg

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Hello Everyone,

We're encountering problem right now regarding the communication between our custom board PSoC3(CY8C3866LTI-068) and miniprog3 programmer. We're unable to program our custom board. The project compiles properly, but when we try to program the device, we get a window asking about the target device and once we've tried configuring it through the target window. 

Here's what happen.

Using PSoC Creator v2.2:

In the Select Debug Target window, our board responds back as "cortex m3" even though the part is an 8051 core.

On clicking on the name of "Cortex m3" we got a message on the right side saying "this device is recognized. but PSOC creator does not support using it at this time"

Aditi used miniprog3 on the PSoC eval board and she can successfully download the program. But when we use our board using miniprog the target device 

name appear to cortex m3.

Now using PSoC Creator v2.0:

It appear in the Select Debug Target window "Unknown Device

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Miniprog3 has had some revisions in it, and Programmer as well.


You might take a look here for revision info -

and here -,


Look in release notes for rev info.


Regards, Dana.

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I would suspect that something with the layout / soldering / material differs from the evaluation kit. I would suggest to triple-check the 10-pin header used to interface with the MiniProg3



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