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Capsense CSD_TUNER example project

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In above project there is a code which allows tuning IDACrange and IDACsettings.

The first applies to current range (like(CapSense_IDAC_RANGE_2mA ), the second - final adjustment

The problem is, that Capsense manual claims it's available only in configuration.

In fact when I start playing with these, the capsense raw counts raise to max value (oxFFFF) and there is no way to take them down (even going back with IDAC current to 0).


CapSenseProximity_SettingsTable[CapSenseProximity_CSHL_PROX_PROXIMITY].IdacRange = I2C_slaveWriteBuffer[5];
        CapSenseProximity_SettingsTable[CapSenseProximity_CSHL_PROX_PROXIMITY].IdacSettings =I2C_slaveWriteBuffer[6];

What is the problem?



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 IDAC is not the only thing which has the effect on the counts. The prescalar that is analog switch divider for the switching clock also changes the count. If counts are saturated for all the values IDAC then change the prescalar value to bring the counts down to middle of the range then start playing with IDAC current. 

Here is the controls of your CapSense counts:

1) Increase the IDAC current -> The counts will decrease and vice versa

2) Increase the switch divider value so that switching freq decreased -> The counts will decrease and vice versa

In your case counts are too high that they are saturated so bring it down by decreasing the prescalar or (switch divider value).

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