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WHY UART RX BUFFER is Passing Some extra unwanted data a | Cypress Semiconductor

WHY UART RX BUFFER is Passing Some extra unwanted data a

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Hello Everyone,

I have developed my new prototype  using PSOC 3 and Right now i have been testing my prototype using UART to send the AT commands via Hyperterminal for that am getting proper response  and also i have attached the picture for proper response under name TEST image please see attached picture

My problem is that i have sent AT commands directly from software instead of typing in hyperterminal using PUTSTRING function  but am getting some addtional imporper data along with my AT commands in the hyperterminal please see the attached picture i did not understand why the extra values are arising at the first command execution itsefl could anyone please suggest me some useful mehtods to resolve those extra unwanted data in my command s? please help me why it is happening like that i can't able to resolve this issue any help would eb greatly appreicated

I have attached my project along with this please have a look and suggest me some ideas or please verify my software 



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I see that there are two UART ports in your project, Debug and UART. Can you please tell if you are viewing both the UART COM PORTs in Hyper terminal? Can you try increasing the size of TX buffer of UART.




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