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USB Serial Number String Problem

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Hi guys,i want to make a usb sound card with CY8C32XX,and i have completed serval  PCBAs.But when i tested them on different OS,there was a problem.

When i plugged two  pcbas into a PC(WINDOWS 10),they could be recognized as two usb audio devices,but into mac just only one usb audio device was recognized.I found the reason some time later,it was when i configured USBFS the option of Serial Number String i selected User Entered Text(attached 1).Next i modified this option to Silicon Generated Serial Number,the problem was solved.But i have a puzzle with it,when i plug two pcbas into a PC, there will be a number prefix with the device descriptor(attached 2).The number is not  a random number and is not related to the sequence of being plugged.Now how this number is created?If i want the number is created in sequence of being plugged,what can i do?

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Something is wrong with the pictures. I am not able to see any letters on picture 2. Can you check those and send again please ?

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