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SSD1803A LCD | Cypress Semiconductor


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Hi everybody,

  I have a problem with a new LCD I bought for my project. It is a Raystar LCD using a SSD1803A chip, communicating over an I2C bus. Can anybody, please tell me, if this chip is compatible to the components in PSoC Creator (I2C character LCD), or I should look for another display.

Thank you!

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If this part is command compatible with NXP per -


Command format

This parameter has two options. If NXP PCF2119x + custom commands is selected this means
that component uses embedded support of NXP PCF2119x command protocol and also it allows
user to enter any extended (custom) commands that NXP compatible LCD module supports. The
custom commands can be entered in the Custom Commands tab. If you plan to use the LCD
with a command set that is different than the NXP PCF2119x select Custom format. In this
case, you enter the required commands in the Custom Commands tab. You can also enter any
other commands supported by the specific LCD module in the Custom commands table.


Or you work with the custom command creator.


You should also check your LCDs AC specs against the I2C specs of PSOC.


Regards, Dana.

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