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Sleep with PWM

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When you call CyPmSleep(), are components supposed to shutoff, or just the processor? When I call this function, my PWM modules turn off until I programmatically turn them on. 

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Answer is yes, this should help understand sleep and hibernate -


Regards, Dana.

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 Follow the steps properly while using Sleep:

1. Put all the components into Sleep (except the components which are sources of wakeup) by calling <Component Name>_Sleep()

2. Save the clock settings by calling CyPmSaveClocks()

3. Put the device into sleep with appropriate wakeup source by calling CyPmSleep(<time>,<source>)

4. After wakeup, restore the clock settings by calling CyPmRestoreClocks()

5. After that, wakeup all your components by calling <Component Name>_WakeUp()


For more information about low power modes, Please refer to this Application Note - AN77900 - PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP Low-power Modes and Power Reduction Techniques

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