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In PsOC Designer we have available the SC generic Blocks.

I have read there is SC blocks in PsOC Creator too, but I can't see it into the Catalog.

Where is it?

Can I create myself user modules?

I saw also an ADC Sigma & Delta 2.0 User Module, ad I have available in y program only until 1.3.

How I can add the ADC 2.0 User Module into my catalog?

Thanks very much.

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PSoC Creator does have a primitives SC block component.  You can make it visible if you enable "Show Hidden Components" in the tool.


To accomplish this, open PSoC Creator, and select the "Tools" pull down menu.  From there select "Options".  Expand the "Design Entry" selection and click on "Component Catalog".  Then in the right-hand side of the window place a checkmark in the "Show Hidden Components" box.


Now in your component catalog you should have a folder labeled "Analog Primitives".  Inside you will find the SC block.





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It is not adviceable to work directly with the analog primitives like ScBlocks. This is because the user has to work with different registers associated with these blocks.

Infact components like TIA (Trans-Impedance Amplifier), Inverting Amplifier, Non-inverting Amplifier and Mixer are built using the ScBlock. You can use them easily as they have API support.




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 Also to get the latest ADC component or any other component, install latest version of PSoC Creator. You can as well get the latest component by launching the Cypress Update manager that is installed along with PSoC Creator.

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