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I try to initializate the PWM reset by means an interruption.

There's a User Module called Interrupt v 1.20 in the resorces catalog.

The problem is I get the next error:

" No drivers on signal "Net_184", bit(s) "0".Every signal bit must have exactly one driver (e.g., connected to one schematic input terminal or one instance output terminal). The given bits do not have any drivers. Add drivers for the indicated signal bits. "

But I still need to feed the PWM reset with a pulse to initiate the period counter.

What I'm doing wrong?


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The reset PWM user module don't works in that way. Has the datasheet states:

"Resets the period counter to “Period” and continues normal operation.


NOTE: While in Reset the PWM, PWM1 or PWM2 outputs are disabled (driven ‘0’). For the Fixed

Function Implementation the PWM output is driven ‘1’ during reset. An schematic fix for this is

provided in the Implementation details towards the end of the document in the section “Reset in

Fixed Function Block”."

That is, it must be asserted with a logical '0' to get the output. I only have to change to 'logic 1' when I want to reset. So a logic low must to be set into Reset input to make it works.

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