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programming succeeds only 1 time | Cypress Semiconductor

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programming succeeds only 1 time

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In my project, the programming succeeds only 1 time.
I get an error (102 - Failed to erase the flash) when I try to re-programming.
The device (CY8C3245PVI134) no longer programmed in any project.
I can not erase the Flash using a programmer (File -> ERasing All Flash).
What could be the cause, and is it possible to recover the chip? 

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For 48pin-package PSoC3 silicon there are no dedicated XRES pin, but there is an Optional XRES Pin P1[2] which can either be configured as XRES pin or GPIO. By default P1[2] is configured as XRES pin, to change this configuration,we need to disable the "Use Optional XRES" option in .cydwr and reprogram the silicon. After program, P1[2] become GPIO pin .After that ,it can be programmed only in Power Cycle programming mode which can program the silicon without XRES pin. But as for now, only Miniprog3 Rev*B can support this Programming Mode.


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Many thanks Athira!
Miniprog3 in Power Cycle programming corrected my mistake.
Now everything is working.

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