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program problem!!!

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dbg.M0023: There was an error while programming the device: (PSoC Creator received error (100 - FAILED! Please check target device, device connection and parameter setting))

how to solve it?

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If you google "dbg.M0023:" you will see a number of threads with some

solutions for this problem.


Regards, Dana.

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A bit more info, please:

Did it work before?

Which OS are you using?

what is the connection to PC, what settings?

Kit or own board?



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I have the same problem:

1. Custom board with PSOC4 4100 family powered from MIniprog3

2. Miniprog3 has programmed already several PSOC4 boards ( different PCB)

3. Device is recognized initally as CortexM0, then after connect finds it to be PSOC4 4100 443

4. When it comes to programming the failure reason is the same.

5. Resoldering doesn't help

6. MP3 SDAT is comnnected to swd IO, and SCLK to sw clk, both connections very short, while Xres

surrounds the chip with few vias. VCCD = 1.8V VDDD = 3.3V = VDDA

WHat else should I check?

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 Try programing the device directly from the PSoC Programmer software. Make sure to download the latest version of the PSoC Programmer. You can find the latest PSoC Programmer version at the following link:



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