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Problem with programming of CY8C3866AXI | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem with programming of CY8C3866AXI

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I am trying to porgramm CY8C3866AXI based board. I have followed following procedure

- Connected PSOC Miniprog3 to our board using 10pin connector

- Opened PSOC programmer 3.12.5

- I am able to see miniprog3 detected y PSOC programmer. But as I tried to select CY8C38 family, I observed that there is no any such item in drop down list.

- PFA screenshot. 

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Programming Protcol select JTAG or SWD.

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PSoC 3 can be programmed using SWD and JTAG protocols. To program CY8C3866AXI please select, SWD or JTAG as the programming protocol in the PSoC Programmer GUI. Then the relevant PSoC3/PSoC5 part numbers will appear in the dropdown menu.

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