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multiplexing of analog signals

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   In a oximeter system we have to use Red LED and IR LED, and photo diode, these Red and IR connected in such a manner cathode of Red led is connected to IR anode and Anode of Red is connected to IR cathode switching them at a frequency 1KHZ. this signal sensed by the photo diode has to two components Red and IR . what is way to seperate out them , whether we have to use mux to seperate. if so that mux is internal mux or external , if it is internal how firmware should be used.if it is external how can we use it.




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There are HW and Software controlled muxes in Creator. Place them on

your schematic, right click, and look at their datasheets for the APIs that control

them. Note muxes are NOT low RDSon muxes, so you cannot mux much power

with them, they are mainly meant for small signal. You could parallel two or more

muxes to get the effective switch R down, examine datasheets for their RDSon

to see if that would work for you.


Regards, Dana.



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