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Migrating from PSoC 5LP to 3 errors | Cypress Semiconductor

Migrating from PSoC 5LP to 3 errors

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I developed a program on the PSoC 5LP dev board that worked without any problems. I then tried to migrate to the PSoC 3 dev board, but the program will no longer function correctly. It will run though one loop of the main (inside the for(;;){}) without any issue, but on the second time through, the EOC interrupt from the ADC never triggers.
Also, after I compile for the 3, when i recompile for the 5LP it stops working on that dev board.

Was I wrong in assuming I could just switch between the two boards? Are there any app notes on switching between the two platforms?

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This might help -     AN77835


Regards, Dana.

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AFAIR there are some peculiarities with regard to the EOC signals on the DelSig ADC. Do you route the EOC signal to an ISR component?
Maybe you can upload your project for us to see, this might help.

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