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max length data and clk | Cypress Semiconductor

max length data and clk

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I´am using PSoC Programmer Version and MiniProg3 to program some different Cypress-devices (for example CY21534).

The adjustment is:

Programming Mode: Power Cycle

Verification: ON

AutoDetection: ON


Protocol: ISSP

Voltage: 5V

 I´ve a (made myself) universal "black box" with a 37pin-cable connection to my device (test-Vcc 3V3 or test-Vcc 5V, 8 ADC, 32 DI/DO, ... and the Miniprog3). The cable length is round about 20 inch. It´s not possible to abrigde the cable, because the "black box" is used for several products, for manuel test, for automated test with a robot, ...

Is it possible to program without problems with a cable length 20 inch or more?

If not, is it possible to modify the MiniProg3?



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