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I2C Bootloader with flexible I2C Slave Adress | Cypress Semiconductor

I2C Bootloader with flexible I2C Slave Adress

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I am using the I2C bootloader which works great. 

Until now I did setup the slave adress (0x08) in the I2C component settings because I always used the same adress

But now I want to setup the I2C Bootloader Slave adress from code (in this example 0x09) to be able to use a slave adress which depends of e.g. a dipswitch setting.

I did the following in the main.c but the I2C adress stays the adress given in the component settings :

#include <project.h>

int main()





    Bootloader_Start(); /* Does not return */



Probably the Bootloader_Start re-initializes I2C using the component's I2C adress. Is there any way to do what I want ? 



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Your assumptions are right, Patrick. The BooLoader_Start() re-initializes the interface.


Define Custom interface for Bootloader and provide your own functions, ie. reading your dip-switch at initialization.

Its a bit of work, but you can peep into the original sources.



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