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I2C 16 bit data transfers - PSOC3 or PSOC% | Cypress Semiconductor

I2C 16 bit data transfers - PSOC3 or PSOC%

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From my master can I send 16 data to a 16 bit DAC? If so can the PSOC3 perform this task or do I need the PSOC5

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The PSoC can send via I2C 16-bit data, but you will not find a 16-bit DAC in the PSoC world.



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Of course you can get I2C external 16 bit DACs, or you could use PSOC 3/5,

16 bit PWM, to build a DAC. Its inherently montonic, requires a LP filter, usually

simple RC. Filter BW trades off settling time for ripple. Generally speaking this

approach is slower than a ladder DAC, but if you do not need speed its a great

way of getting hi res DAC.


If you need absolute accuracy run the PWM out thru a pin whose reference is

a known accurate value, or derive Vdd from a reference.


Attached an ap note on design considerations.


This approach cannot be used for audio. Or fast motor control.


Regards, Dana.

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Hi pnielsen3,


It is possible to interface I2C based external DAC with PSoC 3 or PSoC 5. What is the part number of the DAC you planning to use?



Gautam Das

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