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how to use bootloader

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I'm a new user of CY8C38xx.

I have a question for you.

Is it possible to upload micro firmware using only a USB KEY?

And if so, how can i do it?

I have read AN68672 and AN73503 about bootloader and bottloadable firmware, but I haven't understand if this operation is possible only by a PC or by a USB KEY or by a SDCARD.

THank you.

Lino Viggiano


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The PSoC 3 (and 5) has the ability to act as an USB - Slave, just like your USB-Key. Your key, as I understand, must be connected to an USB-host. Bootloader can be used with different interfaces: USBUART, I2C,UART and you may even write your own interface to upload to PSoC a new bootloadable.




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Bootloader (BL) is a general concept, you can write a BL that will boot over

almost any connection, an A/D for example (that would be pretty sillly) , any

com interface PSOC can support. At its root a BL is nothing more than  a kernal

sized piece of code that can detect a boot request and operate some interface

to get the new binary or script or interpreter that you want to burn into part or run

from device RAM.


Regards, Dana.

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 You can customize your Bootloader to accept a particular KEY from the USB host for verification before Bootloading your device with a new Application program.

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