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How to make DAC start with last value? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to make DAC start with last value?

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The goal is to have the DAC start at the last power level where it was set before being powered down.

Looking at the API, I thought I would be able to save the config of the DAC (including its current level) with VDAC8_SaveConfig()

With my testing, it doesn't seem to do the trick.  Do I need to write straight to some register?  Do I need to implement some EEPROM to save my value?


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To save any values surviving a power-down the only solution is to use EEProm.


You need power to program the EEProm


Sounds like a logical paradoxon?

Well you'll have to detect the power-down situation early (lost of AC) and use a gold-cap that lasts for programming the eeprom and shut-down.


The SaveConfiguration() of the DAC is only used to store some info for sleep-mode in SRam which will be lost at PD.


Power to the PSoC!


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 Thanks for the information.

Since this value isn't meant to change continuously during operation, it may be safe just to write it whenever the value is changed.

Thanks again!


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