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How to interface I2C MPU6050 gyro with PSoC3. need code. please help. | Cypress Semiconductor

How to interface I2C MPU6050 gyro with PSoC3. need code. please help.

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I have connected SDA and SCL lines of MPU6050 to P12.1 and P12.0 of PSoC3 board. i need to display the raw values of oriantation along  x, y ,z axes on character LCD that is on board. please give steps and most importantly the CODE !!! thank you...

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People here are all willing to help, but would not do it for you. 

Please post your project so people can see what is your progress and what you have done, and see what was wrong.

If you don't have a project yet. Show people what your design for people to help.



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Look at the documentation for the I2C module in PSoC Creator, and at the example projects for it (right-click on the component). Together with the MPU6050 datasheets (and maybe some google-fu for tutorials / example libraries) this should help you. If you have any actual questions regarding the component, don't hesitate to ask.

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See this project:

Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Shoe

It includes libraries for :   MPU6050, HMC5883L, MS5611

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