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how to configure simple counter for 1 seconds | Cypress Semiconductor

how to configure simple counter for 1 seconds

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Hello Everyone,

I am using PSOC 3 to develop a simple project i would like to create an interrupt on the terminal count after 1 seconds but due to less knowledge in programming i was not able to successfully configure the timer for 1 seconds  when it reaches 1 second it should execute the interrupt where in the configure window of the counter i have selected 8 bit Fixed function component what value do i need to enter in the period column for approx 1 sec and also i have selected one shot mode and checked the interrupt on tc but nothing happens if i run this configuration with the PSOC 3 can anyone please help me how to set the counter and interrupt on terminal count it could be really helpful for me to understand the configuration part as well as to move forward in the project



Thank you


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Here is a program that should work for you . I don't have a PSOC 3 so I can't check it however.  There is also a PDF about the program in the program files.

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