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FindHotJnuVolt() API

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In the application note AN75511, FindHotJnuVolt() API is used in sample code given.Where do we find this API?..because in the thermocouple calc,only two APIs namely  'int32 Thermocouple_GetTemperature(int32 voltage)'  and  'int32 Thermocouple_GetVoltage(int32 temperature)' are mentioned.

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Is it not there in the associated project file?

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A search thru entire project yields no other references or the API



Dowlnload the project and see if you can find it.


Regards, Dana.


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I only found a reference in the .pdf-file only. Probably a leftover from an outdated version.



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The code snippet in  the AN explains how we use the two APIs provided by the component to obtain thermocouple temperature (explains the five steps of thermocouple temperature measuerement given in page 4 using the component APIs).

Find HotJnmVolt() API is not used anywhere in the code. In the code snippet, it serves to explain the five steps of thermocouple temperature measurement easily. 







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