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Driving a dynamixel ax-12 servo motor using a Psoc 3. | Cypress Semiconductor

Driving a dynamixel ax-12 servo motor using a Psoc 3.

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I have dynamixel motor ( and CM900 kit. I want to drive dynamixel motor with psoc3. There is ttl communication on the cm900 kit. Maybe I can communicate psoc3 but I do not know how to write a c code. How can I do that?

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HI I'm looking through the PDF.
Communication that will do by Half duplex UART with TTL level interface..
So you have to use the UART module and connect directly.
Regarding software, you submit instruction packet and will get status packet from the motor.
There are sample program list in there, you can use it to meets psoc program code.
It is not hard, I guess so. Thank you.

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You could always drive the servo directly from PSOC, eliminating

dynamixel board. You need a power driver interface, or discretes

to handle the currents.


Regards, Dana.

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