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CY8CKIT-001 based PSoC3 debug problem | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-001 based PSoC3 debug problem

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I am running a C based application on PSoC Creator for PSoC3 based board.I applied three breakpoints to debug the code.In this process,when i stepped into  the code at the third breakpoint using "step into" debug option,the control is swicthing to a disassembly code rather than the C-code instruction.Any help to solve this is appreciated.

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You are only seeing this when you transition from the 2nd to 3rd breakpoint? (1st to 2nd appears to function normal)?


Can you post the code around the 3rd breakpoint, or perhaps post a screenshot of what's happening in the debugger?



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Did you try using "Step over" function (F10) rather than using "Step into" function (F11)?

Creator supports upto 7 Hardware breakpoints, beyond which software breakpoints will be available.




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 Sometime I have the same pb. I use step over (F10) not step into (F11).

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As Bobby mentioned, it actually depends on the type of code around which you are trying to Step Into. For eg, I have seen debugger going into Disassembly file for sprintf instruction.




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