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Command Line Interface SWD Programming

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I'm trying to automate loading of firmware on a device via SWD. In order to do so, I'm running the CLI tool from a Windows CMD prompt. Everything starts fine but when I try to "Program" the device I get this error:

"Device is not in ISSP mode"

I try to set the device to program via SWD (SetProtocol 8) but this does not seem to work. Is there some kind of trick I need to use to get this to work? The process works fine from the PSoC Programmer UI. When I try to script the process using the "runfile" command rather than typing into the CMD prompt I get the same error.

EDIT: This is with PSoC Programmer 3.24.4

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Welcome in the forum, rob.

Although I do not know if it will cure your issue, I would recommend to update to Creator 3.3 CP3 which is the actual latest version. Do not forget to update your project's components as well.




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Can you send us the series of commands and the output for the commands that you executed before performing "Program" command.



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