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Changing the Data Length of the CAN Mailbox during Run time | Cypress Semiconductor

Changing the Data Length of the CAN Mailbox during Run time

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<b>Is it possible to change the Data length field for the CAN maibox during the run time ?</b>

Yes . By default the data length for each of the CAN mailbox is defined in the CAN configuration window . In case if you need to change data length field for each of the message you are sending you need to modify the CMD register of the CAN transmitter .

The datalength is stored in the DLC field of the CMD register. The CAN TX CMD register contains 4 bits to store the DLC value. The bit 19:16 contains the DLC for each mailbox. Below is the code snippet to change this value 

CAN_TX[Mailbox_No].txcmd.byte[2u] &= 0xF0; 

CAN_TX[Mailbox_No].txcmd.byte[2u] |= No_of_Data_Bytes;

Through the above register write it is possible to change the DLC field during run time .


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