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BaseCounter Component?

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I'm working on a project where I'd like to have a counter increment with a base other than 1, i.e.:

 A = A+Base

So far I've used a PulseConverter and TFF to convert the single pulse to Base pulses into a Counter UDB component, which sort of works, but of course takes Base clock cycles to increment.

Any better solutions?

I'm currently looking at the UDB Editor to see if I can make one there directly.





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Consider the DFB Assembler, that allows you to control

a single cycle MAC and would be a natural for your re-



Note any recomendation is highly dependent on some other

questions, like what is the speed you need for the counter ?


Regards, Dana.

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You can do that in VeriLog, but that is a bit challenging for a beginner. There is a "Component Author Guide" referring to verilog and a verilog guide already installed in your Cypress folder. Additionally some videos will guide you, look



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 Thanks for the quick replies.

I'm trying to run at BUS_CLK (32MHz), as the counter En is driven from a TERMOUT signal, and the COUNTER value gets read by a different DMA (64-2080 cycles later).

I've started playing with the UDB Editor and have a small component that I'm trying to test.

Did also create one Verilog component as an example.

Just wanted to check I wasn't looking over a more obvious solution.





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