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ADC loses configuration after hibernate mode | Cypress Semiconductor

ADC loses configuration after hibernate mode

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I've found that after entering hibernate mode and using the RX pin for the uart as a wakeup interrupt that the adc restarts with different settings.  I'm using an extra command at the moment to force it to reset which seems to work well as a work around but I wanted to check to see if this was an issue or if we might be doing something wrong.  

The hibernate code is pretty simple:

Rx_1_ClearInterrupt(); //allow next rising edge to be detected and wake up the chip




ADC_DelSig_SelectConfiguration(ADC_DelSig_CFG1, 1); //select config, start conversions


 At the moment the other modules appear to be restarting okay but they're all UDB modules so the adc is unique in that aspect.

Suggestions?  TIA

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There are functions for most components to be used before and after hibernation.

These are usually named Component_sleep() and Component_Wakeup(). Look into the appropiate datasheets.



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 Thanks for highlighting that.  We found that the original project didn't have the *_PM.c files generated while for some reason my test project did and it worked fine.  Is there a way to enable those power management files to be generated?  I'm not aware of anything that would stop that feature from being enabled.

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