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7 Segment Character Code...

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I designed 7 segment project with using CY8CKIT-001. I can counted  until to 100. I want to add alphabetic character to 7 segment. But I didn't designed code for  alphabetic character. Can you look at my  code please How can change my code?Thanks

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Hi yılmaz

I had glance your design. very well done.

You want alphabetic figure but

7-segment is not enough for it, I think.

maybe Hex display will doable.

Did you consider dynamic display?

If you have PSoC Designer, then look at LED-display module data sheet and

These coding of user module.

It might be helpful.

Another approach is make it by Verilog module.

That is very cool, I think.

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I have not looked at your code, but basically an array with 8 elements/alpha character

with address mathing ASCII. Take a look at these as examples - This one uses a case statement,

I prefer an array, probably saves code space as well.


Regards, Dana.

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