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USB uc

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My project is to use a microcontroller in a device which can be controlled by the PC(windows) through usb, so the first requirement is to select a microcontroller which supports usb and based on 8051 core (PSoC-3). Also I have to write the .exe file (on PC) which will communicate with the microcontroller,recommended to use c++ or c as the programming language. So my question if you can help me with a ready made driver that can be used on the pc or integrated in the software to support communication with PSoC-3.I need also application notes on how to configure the PSoC-3 USB driver to be connected to the PC.
Thanks in advance


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Please refer to the following links :

USB Interrupt Loopback Example - PSoC® 3 / PSoC 5 

USBUART in PSoC® 3 / PSoC 5

USB Vendor Commands with PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5 - AN56377 

PSoC® 3 / PSoC 5 USB HID Fundamentals - AN57473 

PSoC® 3 / PSoC 5 USB HID Intermediate - AN58726 


If you need anything more specific let us know.



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