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Trouble getting started with PSOC Creator | Cypress Semiconductor

Trouble getting started with PSOC Creator

Summary: 3 Replies, Latest post by jonathanlavoie6 on 11 Mar 2010 07:35 PM PST
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Hello everyone,

I am all new to PSOC, so I excuse myself in advance if I ask simple questions!

I just bought the development kit for the PSOC3 and PSOC5. Got everything out of the box, installed the softwares needed, and opened PSOC Creator to get started. However, I systematicly get this error message after trying to build the example projects :


Clean Temporary Files ...

c51.exe C:\Documents and Settings\Jonathan\Bureau\PSOC_Projects\Design01_Ex2\Ex2_ADC_to_LCD\Ex2_ADC_to_LCD.cydsn\Generated_Source\PSoC3\ADC.c NOIV LARGE MODDP2 OMF2 VB(1) DB NOIP OT(0) INCDIR(Generated_Source/PSoC3) OJ(C:/Documents and Settings/Jonathan/Bureau/PSOC_Projects/Design01_Ex2/Ex2_ADC_to_LCD/Ex2_ADC_to_LCD.cydsn/DP8051-Keil_Generic/Debug/ADC.OBJ)

The command 'mkdepend' failed with exit code '3221225785'.

--------------- Build Failed ---------------

Does anyone knows where does it come from?

Thank you for your help,

Jonathan L.

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Hi Jonathan,

Could you start a new project. Do not add anything in the project. Just build it. Do you still get this error?

If not, then please attach the project in which you get this error.



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Hi Jonathan,

After testing on a new project as Sachin suggests could you also try updating all components in the current example project. You can do this by going to the Project tab and then click on update components.

Also did you try any other example project in kit?



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Thank you for your answers. I tried several things before getting discouraged. The next morning, I started Creator again with the same project, and the error was gone. I really don't know what it could have been.

Anyway, in general, I found that PSOC Creator is really easy and fun to use!

Have a great day,


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