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Re-triggerable Monostable multivibrator | Cypress Semiconductor

Re-triggerable Monostable multivibrator

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Hi All,


Here is an example project on how to implement a re-triggerable mono-stable multivibrator using datapath in PSoC 3/5.

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Good idea! But a bit few (none) documentation, so I could not find out how to set the pulse width in design or by program.



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Good stuff.

I think the pulse width is controlled by the clock. How many clock cycles is the pulse width?

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When I looked as the datapath configuration tool in the right way, its 100 clock pulses:

  • the component is using the Count7 functionality
  • it is counting down
  • the counter is reloaded, on triggering, from register D0
  • and D0 gets 8'd100 as initial value (and there is no place where it is changed)
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