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PSoC and Bluetooth | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC and Bluetooth

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 PSoC3/5 has been fine, although would use more digital blocks if it had them.

For next upgrade of our product we're likely to bump the USB for Bluetooth.

A generic search on Cypress pulled up

Where in particular, "Cypress expects to sample its first integrated BLE device in the first quarter of 2014."

Sort of surprised by now Cypress doesn't give some prelimary info, sure would be interested.

Would be needed by third quarter.


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If you contact your local Cypress Regional Sales Manager (RSM) and / or FAE

they have roadmaps and release schedules for some products. You might

be required to sign an NDA to get access to info.


Regards, Dana.

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When the integrated BLE device will be official annouced?


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