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New Weekly Live PSoC Webinars! | Cypress Semiconductor

New Weekly Live PSoC Webinars!

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I am pleased to announce that starting this week, the Cypress Applications Engineering team will host live, instructor-led, weekly webinars on different PSoC topics!  These webinars are free to all of our customers.

We will initially host them at 9:00am (Pacific Time) on Thursdays.  Our first one will be this Thursday, May 19th.  We will add additional time slots to support different parts of the world.

All webinars will be hosted via WebEx.  You can access the webinar from this link.  In case anyone has problems with the link, they can always access the meeting by going to and entering meeting number 498 741 435.

For this week's topic, we will give an overview-level description of the PSoC 3 & PSoC 5 bootloader system, as implemented by PSoC Creator.  We'll cover the architecture, how it works, and major features.  Then we'll follow up by building a simple demonstration project for the I2C bootloader.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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