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New Filter Component - How To Use? | Cypress Semiconductor

New Filter Component - How To Use?

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 Hi Everyone,

How do we go about using the new filter component? I would like to try the new filter component as follows:

1) 12 bit data input

2) Basic Hamming window FIR lowpass filter

12 bit sample data conceptual code:

//Global variables

int16 data[128] = {...};//Some array of input values that I will import from another program

int16 output[256];//Empty array that will hold the filter's output (big enough to account for size increase due to convolution)

uint16 i;//Counter for main loop

void main()



     for(i = 0; i < 128; i++)



          CyDelay(1);//Be sure that filter has finished its operation

          output[i] = Filter_Read16();


//Print the data to the test terminal upon completion


Is this the right way to go about using the filter? How do I choose the Readxx() function? Does the Read24() function give me the highest precision? Or will the Read16() be sufficent and scale properly?


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 I'm intrested in this too. I think you might have to set the coherency register 1st. Unfortunatley, all of the code examples for this are down right now.

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 I gave it a try with this code, and it seemed to work pretty well.


for(i = 0; i < IN_LEN; i++)


//Filter stuff

Filter_Write16(Filter_CHANNEL_A, input[i]);


output = Filter_Read16(Filter_CHANNEL_A);

//Take the filter's output and print to terminal via USB

sprintf(buffer, "%d,", output);



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