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The LPF(Low Pass Filter) of capsensor component | Cypress Semiconductor

The LPF(Low Pass Filter) of capsensor component

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If possible ,I want to using the LPF(Low Pass Filter) of capsensor component,supposition the capsensor component is not used.
Peng Sui

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The low pass filters are not part of the CapSense component. They can be used independent of CapSense component. 

There are only two such analog filters. The filter has four cut off freq options with two values for R and two values for C.

R: 200 K or 1 M

C: 5 pF or 10 pF

There is no component for this in PSoC Creator. You have to use the registers to make it available for you. See sections 35.3.2 and 31.4.6 of Techincal Reference manual for details. 

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Thank you very much.

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1 want to start working with lpf4 but it has lots of parameters such as C1,C2,C3,C4

how can i Adjust them?

what are they tasks?

i want to Extract a signal that it's frequence is 500 hz.

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Hi tar,


The analog low pass filter you are referring to is available in PSoC 1 family of devices. You can configure the filter using the LPF4 Configuration Wizard. After you place the user module, right click on it to open the configuration wizard and choose the required values of corner frequency and gain. The appropriate values of C1 to C4 will be obtained.


You will be able to get more help if you post this query on the PSoC 1 forum.

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