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How to ask for/buy samples | Cypress Semiconductor

How to ask for/buy samples

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I'm from Poland where is no Cypress office available.

WHom should I ask form samples of PSOC5-ARM and POSC3?


Robert Seczkowski

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Hi Robert,

I believe you can buy samples from Cypress website directly. Have you tried this link: ? If you need to evaluate various PSoCs I suggest to buy CY8CKIT-001 (PSoC Development Kit). This is good value for money. It comes with the development board, PSoC1, PSoC3, and PSoC5 modules, development software, and several examples.



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I was trying hard to contact someone who can send me some samples.

After few weeks of mailing i have finally get samples from Cypress Italia (which is covering the region of Poland). When all paper work will be done it takes two day for them to get from Philippine to Poland;>

Good luck!

Wojtek (vac)

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Cypress Employee
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Hi Robert,

Were you able to get samples from Cypress.



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